Oren Brooks

Co-Founder Brooks-Keret Financial Management


Oren Brooks is the founding father of Brooks-Keret, Financial Management.

Oren worked as an accountant at KPMG in their professional department and then decided to become an independent.  Married to Dafna, he joined forces with Gil and Dafna in order to create the vibrant firm that is Brooks-Keret.

Oren heads the management of the team leaders at Brooks-Keret. When a new client joins the firm, Oren works with team leaders to understand where they best fit. He leads senior staff meetings and is in charge of quality and compliance.

He does not believe in rigid structures or hierarchies, encouraging everyone to speak their mind and come up with new and better ways to work.

He has built an atmosphere of cooperation, while nurturing teams and customers. “We are a people oriented business.  Yes, it’s about numbers but behind every number there is a person and that’s what we focus on. Whether it’s a client or an employee, Brooks-Keret is a family and we take care of our family.”

Brooks-Keret believes that clients are far more than just paying customers.  Their success partially reflects the success of the firm’s financial guidance. Oren believes that Brooks-Keret needs to be part of the client’s leadership team, when times are good and when times get tough. We always focus on what’s necessary for the client.

Oren is a big picture person.  He believes that people will always do their best, and that leaders are a resource that is always available. They step in, provide guidance and then let teams get on with their work. He believes that employees which are treated properly, will be independent and deliver 110%.

Oren is the “anchor” of the company,  his philosophy is reflected on the company: He sees the situation from different directions and provides guidance. He brings unique life experience that results in bringing people together and building consensus. 

Oren has a BA degree in Accounting and Statistics from Tel-Aviv University.