CFO Services

Strategic High-End CFO

World-Class CFO Services 

One of the most important functions in any company is that of Chief Financial Officer. Most growing companies don’t need an internal or a full time CFO function and probably don’t need that level on a daily basis. 

Our CFOs assure a flexible arrangement working closely with the CEO and the founders, providing on-demand expert services tailored to your business’ requirements. 

Brooks-Keret has been providing CFO On Demand services for more than 20 years.  Highly experienced CFO’s understand the needs of the companies and the challenges they face.  They bring hands-on experience and offer real and tangible advice.  As the company grows, our CFO services are flexible and tailored to your business demands. They dedicate more time and help with important decisions. 

Our CFO services provide the entire range of capabilities including: strategic planning and financial modeling; managing working capital; implementation of best practices; department development and mentoring; local and international tax advisory and management of all critical financial functions and activities.

We manage what’s relevant to your organization expertly, cost-effectively, and tailored to your needs. 





Critical Alignment 

We make sure your finance activities align and support the achievement of your business objectives and goals. 


Strategic Forecasting and Budgeting  

We support your company to maximize opportunities, improve decision-making and proactively respond to business decisions with accurate business forecasting and strategic budgeting.


Optimized Financial Operations  

We infuse best practices into every area of your financial operations, establishing policies and procedures that align with strategic objectives. 


Effective, Impactful Management Representation  

We translate your company’s financial data, information and analysis into actionable, understandable presentations for your board of directors, management, staff and shareholders.


Board Meetings & Participation 

We present and participate in meetings with your board of director’s, management teams, support business planning and execution, bank management, capital structuring decisions and due-diligence processes. 

CFO services include:  

  • Financial strategy and planning
  • Strategic funding and investment
  • Participating in board and share holder meetings
  • Managing Due-diligence and M&A processes
  • Assisting in establishment of credit policies
  • Planning, approving and monitoring the company’s budget 
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Supporting IPO and ICO procedures
  • Monitoring the company’s ESOP policy, employees benefits and cap tables