Expert Panel

Our Stage, Your Pitch 

Brooks-Keret Expert Panel

You’re a startup.  You’ve worked for 6 months or a year, 16 hours a day without a break, and now your PoC or demo is ready.  You want to conquer the world, meet every angel investor and get the money you need to surge forward. 

If you’re on your own, you will need to fully focus on networking, preparing your one pager, getting your presentation into shape and finding a few investors who are willing to listen.  Your first few presentations will be difficult, and you may get someone to give you feedback, and perhaps some money.

Improve your chances. We invite you to take advantage of our “Expert Panel” to make sure your first impression is always your best impression. The Expert Panel meets at least once a month and hears pitches from three startups.  The panel is composed of seasoned veterans: investors, marketers, financial advisors, advertisers and Brooks-Keret management. 

Each company gets an hour to present their concept and then answer questions. Companies then get the most valuable feedback of all – how to enhance their presentation.

Our main goal is to support early-stage companies gain more exposure, approach investors and get feedback on their venture, especially at the “go-to-market” stage where many startups seek investments ranging from $1-3 million. It’s all part of the added value that Brooks-Keret brings to start ups and one of the reasons why so many choose our company.


The Brooks-Keret Test Drive

If you’re a Brooks-Keret company, or an outside firm that needs a product evaluated that is of interest, Brooks-Keret will test drive it for you.  If it is outstanding, we become your alpha site, giving you access to 130 power users in a real-world setting.  Once you have perfected your stage one product, you can take it on the road and tell prospective investors or customers that it has already been implemented.

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